Amlogic S905 vs S812 Chipsets

If you are in the search for an Android TV BOX, then you may have already noticed the Amlogic S905 and S812 chipsets promoted, even inside their product title, on many of the media center tv boxes available out there.

Amlogic S905 ChipsetIn fact, the chipset brand and version is the first thing you should check while shopping for a TV Box, as it defines the soul and capabilities of it.

You should also factor in the hardware quality of the TV Box itself, and last but not least, the company brand -and most importantly- their firmware update history and compromises.  In my case, I would share in equal parts the percentage of incidence for chipset, hardware and firmware on my purchase decision.

There are other Android chipsets available, suitable for media center products, which we may discuss in another article.  I Chose these two Amlogic SOCS (“System On a Chip”) chipsets because they are particularly popular and capable.

Difference between Amlogic S905 and S812 chipsets

The Amlogic S812 chipset is comprised of an ARM cortex-A9 quad-core 32 bits processor, clocked at a maximum speed of 2 Ghz and a Mali 450 graphics octa-core coprocessor.

The Amlogic S905 chipset includes a ARM cortex-A53 quad-core 64 bits processor, also clocked at 2 Ghz, coupled with a Mali 450 graphics penta-core processor.

The ARM Cortex-A53 is the “next generation” processor, introducing the 64 bits architecture and a lower power consumption into the table. Other than that, there is no real discernible speed difference between both ARM processors, under realtime usage.

On the GPU (graphics processor) side, the S905 includes a somewhat humbler graphic crunching engine, but again, since it is a “next generation” processing, it ends up somewhat compensating with a smarter and newer design.

Which ones are better: Amlogic S905 or S812 based TV boxes ?

The newer design on the Amlogic 905 includes 4K H.265 hardware video decoding and 60hz 2160p video streams. This means that the Amlogic S905 chipset wins if you are considering it mainly for media streaming and playing purposes.

Amlogic S812 ChipsetThe octa-core Mali 450 graphics processor included in the Amlogic S812 chipset, on the other hand, is about 30% faster and thus more capable than the humbler penta-core included in the newer S905 chipset.

This means that as a 3D graphics gaming tv-box, the S812 would be the winner.

It is up to you to decide which TV Box you may end up purchasing, but now you can -hopefully- understand and factor into your decision the differences between Amlogic S812 and Amlogic S905 chipsets.

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