Amlogic S912 samples

Several TV box brands are announcing their work on new media player boxes based on Amlogic S912.

nexbox a1 media player s912 basedAmlogic has been delivering some S912 chipset production samples to the interested parties over the last weeks.

The Amlogic S912 is a major step into HDR 4K TV, as this chipset includes decoding support for 10 and 12 bits color depth, thus fulfilling all paths into mainstream HDR video delivery, including HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range formats.

Announcing the first Amlogic S912 based media players

Some brands are already showcasing their Amlogic S912 based media players, including photos of the TV Box size and case shape. You can peek into NEXBOX brand design by following this link.

Amlogic S912-H boardThe specs are “as expected” since at this design level most -if not all- TV Box manufacturers depend entirely on the mainboard designs proposed by the chipset brand, which in turn relies almost entirely on the chipset capabilities (“SOC” meaning System on a Chip).

Hence most Amlogic S912 based TV Boxes will be -hardware specs wise- the same thing.

Currently there are two reference boards out there:

  • The S912_MBX_REF_Q02_V01 PCBA with Amlogic S912-H  (the -H meaning that Dolby and DTS licenses are already paid for, and also that there is no analog video output included)
  • The S92-V01 PCBA with Amlogic S912 which has no downmix of dolby audio (no licences paid) but includes analog video output.

These mainboards are designed by ENY brand of tv boxes.

What to expect from different OTT media player brands

The media player brands may differ on case design (which in turn is very important for heat dissipation) and firmware updates / compatibility: A badly customized Android OS may turn your TV Box into a virtual brick for certain tasks.

I will never forget the firmware problems with my Sunwell T95 Android OTT: I had to wait like six months for a firmware version that fixed a weird Netflix and Youtube bug.


2 thoughts on “Amlogic S912 samples

  1. Received Nexbox A1 today, nothing on screen when plugged in, with multiple cables, on all inputs into working outlets. Remote doesn’t do anything. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Nick! ouch! You need to start ruling things out: Maybe the power supply adaptor is not working ? Is there a led light showing power on the Nexbox A1 ? The batteries in the RC are placed correctly ? Also please try other batteries. I received -more than once- non working batteries. They can be rendered useless even by dropping them on the floor with enough height. Also, even try other HDMI cables. You may need to purchase an HDMI 2.0 compliant hdmi cable … if you want to watch in 4K HDR (If I recall correctly) … please keep me informed. ¿ Maybe it is just Nexbox quality ?

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