First Amlogic S912 media players announced

Some Amlogic S912 based media players are starting to emerge on the market, most of them in “pre-sale” status.

VideoStrong KB3 S912 media playerThis may be a clear indication that the general public availability -with plenty of (re) branding choices- is imminent for these S912 TV boxes.

You can read all the details on the Amlogic S912 chipset on our earlier article, but the most salient details includes an octacore ARM A53 processor, a high end graphics co-processor (MaLi T820) and the capability of decoding not only HDR10.

If the the appropriate licences are paid for, and the correct S912 chipset version is on-board, you may also enjoy the holy grail of future proof media-streaming:  Dolby Vision HDR.

Amlogic S912 Media Players announced and on pre-sale

Several TV box brands are already presenting their first S912 based media players. All of them are probably based on the same developer board inside.

Also, this first batch of S912 TV Boxes says nothing about Dolby Vision compatibility.

Before purchasing an Amlogic S912 based media player

If you are buying a TV box with the S912 chipset inside, you may want to check that Dolby Vision decoding is enabled on it, along with the usual considerations:

Search for a nice (known) brand, including at least a promise of future firmware updates, coupled with a standard hardware assembly quality.

It may be a bit early yet for picking an S912 based TV Box at this time, but if you absolutely must buy one, my recommendation would be the Nexbox A1 media player.

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