Frustration on Zidoo X9S

The Zidoo X9S, powered by a Realtek rt1295 SOC seems to be an almost perfect media player, if not a bit on the expensive side, as you can check on this store.

Zidoo X9S media playerIt is quite the dream media player, from the aluminium casing, inwards, every spec is kind of mouth watering for the unsuspecting media player enthusiast.

The Zidoo X9S even runs two operating systems, concurrently, inside; still a mystery for me how did they manage such feat (although I suspect a couple of methods for pulling it off).

Check the following highlights:

  • The Zidoo X9S includes an HDMI INPUT, for “picture in picture” (PiP) and video recording features.
  • This TV Box is capable of decoding .H265 HDR video streams and playing it thru its HDMI 2.0a output
  • It includes a powerful WIFI adapter including AC dual band, dual bandwidth, managed by OpenWRT
  • It includes NAS capabilities, also managed by OpenWRT
  • Of course, it includes Gbit Ethernet, bluetooth 4.0, and there is even a SATA 3.0 interface inside.
  • The Zidoo X9S runs Android 6 and includes the Google Play Store, as expected.

Zidoo X9S flaws

The Zidoo X9S has one MAJOR flaw: KODI does not support the Realtek rt1295 (or it’s smaller brother, the rt1195). You can check this on KODI wiki by following this link.

It happens that Realtek (or any media player using their chipsets) violates the GPL license that Kodi (and XBMC before) is bound under.  This means that the official Kodi guys will never work for a compliant version under such platforms.

There seems to be an older (version 15) Kodi, forked out with some changes in order to run under Realtek processors. But sadly enough, that version seems to be riddled with bugs too.

In my case, no Kodi support breaks the deal, especially considering the high price tag on the Zidoo X9S. If I wanted a top notch media player, I would still choose the Himedia Q10 Pro media player.

2 thoughts on “Frustration on Zidoo X9S

  1. Disappointing choice of SoC by the Zidoo team. I was planning on buying it until I saw this article. Thanks for this Kodi related information.

    1. You are welcome, yes, disappointing. leaving formal support on Kodi out of the table, is like killing the media player concept nowadays.

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