HiMedia Q5 Pro

The HiMedia Q5 Pro is a very stylish and capable tv box, including 4K HDR10 media playing capabilities.

HiMedia Q5 Pro media playerPortraying almost identical specifications and highlights as the HiMedia Q10 Pro, which can be seen as a more capable bigger brother, the only thing left off in the Q5 Pro is the SATA bay that the Q10 Pro hides inside it’s bigger sized case.

The HiMedia Q5 Pro includes an aluminium case which may be the envy of the cheaper TV boxes out there, maintaining the silvery virgin color of the metal, as a style statement.

On the price side, the missing SATA bay accounts for a 20% – 30% price reduction from the Q10 Pro. You can check the actual price for the HiMedia Q5 Pro by clicking on this link.

For many of us, which are already invested in an external NAS for multimedia content storage, the SATA storage may not be worth the extra money that the HiMedia Q10 pro demands.

HiMedia Q5 Pro firmware updates and users Forum

The HiMedia Q5 Pro enjoys the same social exposure as its bigger brother, including periodic firmware updates and active users forums. The guys and HiMedia Tech actually listens their users-base fans and fixes the different bugs that appear, while adding small improvements all around.

The latest firmware as of this writing has been released on July 2016, but you can check for newer releases (or even beta firmware) inside this forum thread. You will also find news about custom firmwares, which is a nice twist for the geeky tv box enthusiasts out there.

Of course it includes a pre-installed version of KODI, our favorite media player software. There is even some lengthy talk about this TV box on the KODI forums which you may be interested on peeking, if interested on getting one for yourself.

Our score: 

HiMedia Q5 Pro is a desirable media player box

Be advised: The OTT media players niche is an extremely dynamic market. Each new chipset out there may invoke an entirely new level of comparison and reference for our somewhat opinionated tv boxes reviews.

Having said that, at the time of this writing, the HiMedia Q5 Pro, while being quite costly (four to six times the price of your typical no-nonsense chinese media player) is a very desirable tv box.

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