Leelbox Kingbox K3

The Leelbox KingBox K3 mediaplayer may be a nice, mid priced Android TV Box to get.

Leelbox Kingbox K3You can find it on Amazon store at a low price, considering it includes also a remote keyboard control.

Leelbox is a company with an established website, including even a users forum (Although the users forum seems to be used mainly for posting tutorials from the company’s Android guru, which is also OK for me too). This is above the average for the typical chinese media player out there.

The KingBox K3 media player itself is a nice TV box, based on Amlogic S912 chipset, inside a somewhat refreshed casing, including a digital illuminated clock on the front. You can find several pictures along with general information about the goods inside the K3 on their product homepage.

KingBox K3 Specifications

The Kingbox K3 media player showcases the base specs of any other S912 based media player, but as said at the beginning, with the nice inclusion of a remote keyboard.

The Kingbox K3 runs on Android 6, which as stated on their marketing, is a mature, responsive OS, including as expected also, access to the Android Play Store.

It also includes Kodi pre installed, which seems to be also promoted in the name of the box, being read as K -in- gBox: My interpretation was Kodi in Google Box, which may be a bit over thought, but anyways, it is somehow implied in the different media material I Found about the product.

On the memory side, it includes 2gb of RAM and 16 gb of FLASH RAM, along with a microSD card expansion slot.

The following is their own specifications list:

Kingbox K3 Basic Features

  • CPU:S912 Octa-core cortex-A53@2.0G
  • GPU:Mali-T820MP3
  • FLASH:16GB emmc
  • OS: Android6.0

Kingbox K3 Amazing Features

  • WIFI:Dual-channel, 2.4GHz/5.0GHz
  • Hardware graphics acceleration
  • 2+16GB Super memory, NO Buffering!

Kingbox K3 Package lists

  • 1* Android TV Box
  • 1*Remote
  • 1*Wireless Mini Keyboard
  • 1*HDMI Cable
  • 1*User Guider
  • 1*Adapter

As you can see the packaging of the Kingbox K3 seems to be as complete as it gets, including the hdmi cable and the Wireless Mini Keyboard, which you definitely NEED.

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