M96X Media Player

You may argue that the M96X is a low cost media player. It has not much to boast from the specs side, other than coping with HEVC 10-bit streams, including support for HDR outputM96X Media Player BoxYou can check current prices by following this link into Amazon Store.

The interesting side -or rather face- or better yet -faces and sides- of the M96X emerges from its aesthetics: The M96X case has an interesting fractal-cut like shape. One could even argue that the M96X Android Box is reminiscent of the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter.

Or, if you are more ill-inclined, it seems to somewhat steal the looks of the “media player boss”, the Nvidia Shield TV.

In my opinion, anyone looking to purchase a media player is considering one or more of the following aspects:

  1. The chipset which will in turn define the TV Box capabilities.
  2. The “looks”: A nice, distinct media player, instead the common and boring black box.
  3. Branding and eventual updates announcements.

Now considering the above aspects:

Even among such tech savvy, geeky guys and gals, sometimes they may still value the “wow factor” included in the case design just high enough for being a deciding factor.

On the other hand, when considering a more casual buyer, it may suffice for them to know that such media player can (even somewhat) cope with 4k HDR HEVC streams, while I still suspect they will value way more the case design.

I confess that personally, I am completely bored about the black rectangular boxes.

Proof of it are my posts in here: Lately, I usually publish only those media players that manage to distinguish themselves from such plain vanilla looks, given all other comparison points are more or less equal (specs are chipset dependant).

Hence, I am convinced that the single aspect that may incline a media player buyer into purchasing a specific box, may very well be how good it looks.

M96X Specifications

M96X MediaPlayer SpecsThe M96X Media Player is based on Amlogic S905X chipset, which is “OK”.

At least I know I could live with it, provided it copes with HDR HEVC streams at 4K.

On the OS side, it runs Android 6, which is current enough not to be a problem for me.

The M96X can include 2gb of RAM and even only 1Gb of RAM for a lesser price on Amazon Store, if you are on the budget side.

It also includes an (non optional for me) Ethernet port and even an optical audio port, as most other media players.

Wrapping it up, the M96X seems to be an able, capable little media player, portraying an interesting look, which will make it noticeable at your TV’s side.


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