MeCool BB2 PRO 3gb DDR4

The MeCool BB2 Pro is the first mediaplayer to include 3gb of DDR4 RAM as part of the deal.

MeCool BB2 PRO 3GB RAM DDR4You can purchase the MeCool BB2 PRO on a respected online retail store, as, which -in my opinion- would give you more peace of mind than other, china-based online stores.

The faster RAM, along with the extra gigabyte, may give it an edge when compared against the rest of the Android TV boxes out in the wild.

The MeCool BB2 Pro is based on Amlogic S912 chipset, featuring the usual amenities and caveats: A couple of months ago we reviewed it’s earlier model, pretty much similar but including only 2gb of DDR3 Ram. You can refer to that earlier post in search for detailed specification data, as this media player is essentially the same hardware, being the RAM specs the only difference.

Mecool BB2 PRO has an edge, compared with the rest

Until now, all latest generation Android media players, regardless of their chipsets, are more or less capable of coping with the same streaming tasks, including 10bit HEVC x265 4k video.

But, as usual, “the devil is in the details”: Only when you start testing and benchmarking these media players, you discover their weak points.

It is necessary to start stressing each combination of chipset, ram and IO capabilities with different compression ratios, audio channels, bit depth combinations, fps speeds, etc. in order to correctly get their limits.

Such limits are usually evidenced in video stuttering, audio muting, dropped frames, and other streaming artifacts which usually indicate a lack of speed on media processing.

But then, I suspect that the real bottleneck -as it happens in most computer systems- might very well be in the RAM access / read / write speed.

I am eagerly waiting for some benchmarking results to be produced by the cool guys that dedicate to such fine tasks, in order to confirm my suspicion.

MeCool BB2 PRO may be the one for you

At the end of the day, the MeCool BB2 Pro may be the media player you are waiting for. The additional RAM, coupled with the DDR4 faster specification may be well worth it.

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