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The MXQ Pro TV Box is a quite capable Android media player, somewhat similar to the more expensive T95 media player we reviewed yesterday.

Click to check actual pricing on Amazon StoreThe MXQ Pro hardware is being branded and marketed by different re-sellers… yes, mainly from China.

You can check availability and check the plurality of brands that carry the MXQ Pro hardware, by clicking on the left picture.

Based on the S905 “System On Chip” or SOC including a Cortex-A53 quad-core processor running at 2 Ghz and a Mali 450 graphics coprocessor, this TV box is 4k video capable.

This TV Box includes just 1Gb of RAM, which may arguably be on the lacking side. But, truth to be said, in real everyday media playing, 1 Gb of RAM proves to be more than enough.

Yet, that low memory count may be of concern to geeky guys (like me, I did chose the T95 media player just because it has 2Gb of RAM -and an LCD clock display-).

Because of the smaller RAM amount, along with other caveats that we will review on the connectivity section, we gave the MXQ Pro Media player the following score: 

The MXQ Pro media player runs Android 5.1 which is quite OK, including several apps, like Netflix , Youtube and Kodi preinstalled. It is pretty much a “plug and play” solution that accommodates a broad users spectrum, ranging from the tech savvy all the way down to the computer illiterate.

MXQ pro connectivity

The MxQ Pro TV BOX includes four USB type A ports, an SD card socket, ethernet port, HDMI 1.4b port, an analog video out port, and even an SPDIF digital audio port.

MX Q pro IO portsIt is to be noted that apparently there is no USB OTG, and the SDCARD socket accepts the big SDcard format, it is not a microSD card (which is no biggie, you can use a microSD to SDcard adapter).

On the wireless side of things, the MXQ Pro as a built in WIFI adapter, as expected, but NO BLUETOOTH. This may be a strong negative point for some of us: You will not be able to pair and use any bluetooth remote controlgamepad, speakers or headphones.

MXQ Pro TV box interface and apps

The MXQ Pro comes with the Google Play Store app preinstalled, so you can access virtually millions of apps, available for the Android Operative System.

MXQ pro box interfaceThere is a simplified interface presenting the most used apps categories, as MXQ Pro mainscreen. The remote control is somewhat un-cluttered, which is a nice thing.

On media playing capabilities, the MXQ Pro TV Box excels thanks to Kodi, a superb media player, arguably the best one out there. If you learn to cope with installing and using online available plugins, fun and media sources will prove to be endless.

Wrapping it up, the MXQ Pro TV box is an nice buy, provided that you don’t need bluetooth connectivity and either you have a strong WIFI signal or an ethernet cable near your TV.

3 thoughts on “MXQ Pro TV Box

  1. Hi what can be the problem if my media player don’t want to load just stay at the star up screen MBOX make your life colorful some help will be thankful

    1. Brian, did you get it fixed ? I was thinking: If you are using a microSD card on your TV box, maybe it became corrupted ? You may eject it in order to see if it gets fixed. Also: Maybe it is worth measuring the power supply output with a tester in order to determine it is still delivering the correct voltage ? Other than that, it is probably either an unfixable hardware problem … or the OS / configuration on Android is corrupted. Is there a reset button somewhere ?

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