nVidia Shield TV 2nd Generation

When we learnt about a new nVidia Shield TV was to be announced, we got very excited about it:

nVidia Shield TV 2nd GenerationNow, finally, the nVidia Shield TV 2nd generation is being showcased at CES 2017. Presented in a somewhat smaller, compact case, one thing is for sure:

This new nvidia media player / game console is an absolute beast in terms of processing and graphics power, reigning on the top of the Android TV boxes. It is still the king of the media player boxes!

The nVidia Shield TV 2nd Generation, while introducing a few improvements, it also kept some specs just the same as its older brother, which may be not what you expected after all…

Particularly on the CPU specs: The new nVida Shield TV still uses the Tegra X1 (which by now is about 3 years old) just like its older brother !

Differences between 1st and 2nd generation nVidia Shield TV

FOr a start, nVidia ditched the microSd card slot from the new Shield TV, but the present USB connectors can be used to add storage memory into the system.

The Android OS version is 7.0 which runs quite smoothly over the 3gb of available RAM.

There is a new, slimmer bluetooth remote control which also adds support for the “OK, Google” trick, including a microphone.

nvidia SPOTnVidia also introduced a somewhat weird listening device, an extra mic, called “Spot” which they will sell as an add-on.

The Spot can be plugged in any power socket and thus extend the “hearing range” of your Shield TV ears.

The Spot supports the marketing concept of Artificial Intelligence center, which of course would be your nVidia Shield TV, acting like yet another voice activated “smart listening hub”.

Do you need an nVidia Shield TV 2nd Generation ?

If you are going to enjoy it’s gaming side, then the nVidia Shield TV 2nd Generation is a must: It will play all your Android games, by far surpassing the specs of any other media player out there.

Now, if you are NOT that much into gaming, consider the following CONS:

  1. Same Tegra X1 chipset as the older nVidia Shield TV
  2. No Dolby Vision Support
  3. It seems to have a fan (quite noiseless, but a fan it is)
  4. The price, is still more than twice when compared with other media players, like those based on the Amlogic S912 chipset.

But then… If you got the money and you want a media player that is able to run Google Play Movies & TV, Amazon Video, YouTube (with Full HD and UHD support) and VUDU (with UltraViolet purchases access) the Nvidia Shield Android TV will have you covered with top performance.

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