Nvidia Shield TV the best media player

The nVidia Shield TV is still the crowned king among the media players arena.

Nvidia Shield tv 2017It is one of the very few (if not the only one) that can play Youtube and Netflix, certified for 4K HDR output.

You can check the pricing on current Nvidia Shield TV models over Amazon store, by following this link.

It runs Android OS and got access to the play store, so you can easily install Kodi media player. and any other Android apps and games you might want to throw at it: The nvidia Shield TV has CPU and GPU power to cope with anything out there.

All things being said and done, if you got a 4K HDR TV and -as it usually happens- the included embedded media player is not coping with subtitles, video formats and -particularly frustrating- audio synching, then you may consider fixing (and future proofing) your tv with an Nvidia Shield Tv.

Nvidia Shield Models 2015 and 2017

The Nvidia Shield media player 2017 is -at the time of this writing- the newest model, being the other one, two years older and known as the Nvidia Shield TV 2015 model.

Both models are essentially the same powerhouse, same processor and output capabilities. The 2017 model benefits of a revamping in design, ending with a (much) smaller cpu unit.

Also, the 2017 model’s gamepad is way better, in ergonomics and responsiveness, compared with the older nvidia shield 2015 gamepad.

Of course, both the gamepad and the stick remote transmits their commands via wireless radio, another plus in tune with the package pricing: The remotes are NOT cheap !! When purchased separately, they start at about USD 50, according Amazon Store.

The only “caveat” for the Nvidia Shield TV is its steep price, but it pays off, specially when you hook it up into a “real” TV 🙂

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