OneNuts Nut 1

The OneNuts Nut 1  is another chinese Android TV box based on the Amlogic S912 chipset which has been recently launched as a 2 in 1 Media Player Game Box.

onenuts-2-in-1-media-player-game-boxJust by reading the title description, we already detect an interesting marketing twist being introduced into the Media Players arena.

The OneNuts Nut 1 is reinforcing the gaming capabilities of the capable GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) included inside the Amlogic S912 SOC, while adding the catchy sky blue aluminium case and throwing a nice carrying bag into the deal.

As I understand it,  if you happen to be a social nomad, on the move, Android gamer type of guy / gal, then you’ll love what the OneNuts Nut 1 media player has to offer.

Priced at about 130 USD, you can purchase it on Amazon by following this link.

The company behind the “OneNuts” branding is Shenzen Tomato Technology Co. which may be a good thing since Tomato is a known actor on the media players scene.

OneNuts 2 in 1 Media Player Game Box Specifications

As established on top of the article, the OneNuts Nut 1 Media Player is just another Amlogic S912, Android 6.x based OTT BOX.  The differencing factor may be included in the following detail:

  • The inclusion of the carrying bag, apparently worth about 39 usd and the Sky blue aluminium case, as the marketing brochure stresses to point out
  • The preloaded exclusive game Apk (which we assume is just a fancy list of tested games, for you to browse and eventually download from the Google Play Store).
  • Firmware updates for your OneNuts 2 in 1 media Player, downloadable from an USA-based server, for optimized updating speed.

You will also find the usual media player apps inside the OneNuts tv box, including Kodi, Netflix, Google Play Store, etc. As said by the seller page on Amazon, “This media player comes fully loaded with apps”.

About the soft padded, carrying bag: This is a very specific niche being targeted, where you picture yourself carrying around your ONeNuts media player slash Game Box and enjoying your games at a friend’s house (or something along those lines). If you fit right into that market, then you will certainly approve the soft padded bag.

What is missing on the OneNuts 2 in 1 Media Player Game box ?

The OneNuts media player includes an IR (Infra-Red) based remote Controller. By today’s standards, I would expect a bluetooth remote as part of such a fancy package.

But nope, the Android TV box manufacturers, in general, keep including IR remotes on their media player bundles, which is kind of last century’s tech… and the OneNuts 2 in 1 media player is no exception.

On the other hand, this OneNuts TV Box also suffers of all the baffling low specs that the Amlogic S912 chipset carries, being the USB 2.0 support the most rantable.

Lastly, even if the OneNuts 2 in 1 is being marketed as a capable Game box, there is no gamepad included…

Yet, I think the OneNuts may be a nice media player to own, kind of expensive tho, specially if you have no use for the carrying bag.

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