R-TV K99 First media player with RK3399 chipset

I know many of us have been waiting for the first RK3399 based media player to emerge into the wild … and finally it seems we are about to get our hands dirty:

R-TV box K99 RK3399 based media playerThe R-TV K99 is about to begin shipment of their their first units over the following days. You can purchase the R-TV K99 directly at geekbuying.com webpage.

We’ve been reading about the K99 Android tv box for some weeks by now.  Physically, this media player design is quite sober and even maybe a bit boring.

We suspect the R-TV K99 is actually branding the -apparently whitelabel- being showcased by the guys at unuiga.

According to the unuiga webpage, the K99 is actually a “T96Z”, which means that -again probably- we will see it under that model name in the next weeks -months.

But then again maybe we will never learn about who is responsible for this -or many others- chinese media player, as trying to follow the design path and reaching their white label factory usually proves to be an intricate detective task.

Bad news about RK3399 chipset

Sadly enough, we have a bit (or several bits, pun intended) of bad news for this or any RK3399 based media player:

The rk3399 was NOT designed as an Android TV chipset. This means that although it can read and decode 10bit HEVC video streams, it seems unable to display such stream in HDR colors.

You can actually search for “HDR” text on the geekbuying webpage selling the R-TV K99 only to discover NO text match. So, at this time no one is claiming that the RK3399 chipset can cope with HDR color space.

Read the above text with a pinch of salt, as it is too early yet to absolutely confirm such bad news claim.

Officially, on the chipset description, things seems to be clear enough about it, but maybe there is some fix available on the software side.

The truth is that don’t know yet at this time, but I hope it will be clarified over the following weeks.

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