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The Remix IO+ may be an interesting media player to own, once it finally lands on the market.

Remix IO+ Media Player RX3399As far as we gather, the Remix IO+ is one of the first TV boxes being announced based on the Rockchip RK3399 chipset.

The Remix IO+ started as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, from a company called Jide Technology, offering robust streaming capabilities including 4K 10bit video and a choice of Android or Android TV operative systems.

Their crowdfunding campaign aimed at collecting at least 250.000 usd but they are getting actually more than double that amount at this time.

Jide is offering the Remix IO+ at an introductory special price of 129 USD, while also offering a humber media player called Remix IO (no plus at the end) based on RK3368 chipset and priced at 99 USD.

The only caveat may be the delivery date: As you may discover on their kickstarter webpage, it is slated to be shipped on May 2017.

Such long waiting time may end up being bit too much for many of us to seat on, given the rush dynamics of the media players market niche.

Remix IO+ specifications

As you may recall from an earlier article, the RK3399 is a very capable SOC, featuring an interesting CPU configuration, coupled with other niceties.

REMIX IO versionsWe like very much the 4gb of RAM included on the Remix IO+.

The four (2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0) usb ports are very much welcome.

The gigabit ethernet port is an expected commodity for such nice hardware.

On the bad news side, the rockchip RK3399 is being cooled by a heatsink which is assisted by a fan.

Although the fan is being promoted as “silent” in the kickstarter webpage, in my opinion it is definitely a lame spot on their design:

A fan is basically a mechanical part turning at hundreds of thousands of revolutions per minute which is prone to get clogged, and/or fail, given enough time.

Remix IO+ may be a bit too mucho of a wait

As said at the beginning, we find the release date for “early bird” purchasers of the Remix IO+ to be too distant (May 2017).

If our market perception is right, the Remix IO+ may end up landing as an expensive, even kind of outdated media player, five months from now.

If Jide Technology could produce the Remix IO+ right now or in the following weeks, then it would certainly be a good purchase, at a right price, as offered on Kickstarter campaign.

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  1. Hi my name is Lee I can’t get to my setting I press kodi then wookie comes up then a page with stuff on the left hand side when I press add one then I press the settings so I can download it goes straight of can anybody help plz

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