RK3328 T98 Android TV BOX 2Gb RAM

This T98 Smart TV Box model is based on the new RK3328 chipset and includes 2gb of RAM, thus appealing to more seasoned consumers.

T98 rk3328 media playerThe T98 Media Player is priced at about USD 65 on amazon store.

The T98 being offered right now has been “branded” as “HongTop T98 Smart TV Box”, which can be traced only into an alibaba seller.

As it is usual with the chinese sellers, this is a flowing, ongoing situation and you will probably find an increasing on the offerings of the T98 “vanilla” model, rebranded under the different sellers brands.

Probably, it is a matter of days or weeks until the amazon store starts showing local stock, “fulfilled by amazon” which is -for me- an indication that the product is ripe enough for safe purchase.

Regarding the T95 Specifications

The T98 media player incorporates the latest version of Android OS, Android 7.1, which ensures an interesting base for running the newest apps.

Upon analyzing the full list of specs, there are no surprises:

The T98 media player includes all the bells and whistles being offered by the RK3328 chipset.

On the RAM side, it includes the -by now boring- usual 2gb DDR RAM amount.

For video output, we got an HDMI 2.0a connector, capable of 4K HDR10 output, as expected.

On the case design side, it includes a bit of pizzazz, but it seems to be molded in plastic, which is not a nice move, heat-wise.

On the firmware updates side, there is no information available at this time. Same goes for the screen interface or included apps.

At least, we can expect -as stated on the sales page- the inclusion of the Play Store.

The included remote is just a vanilla RC often found accompanying these segment priced chinese media players.

In conclusion, the T98 is reasonably priced considering the chipset.

Now we should wait until some reviews on the T98 Smart TV box appear over the web.

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