Rockchip RK3399 vs Amlogic S912

The Amlogic S912  is a powerful SOC (“System On a Chip“) enabling 4K video in 10 bits -or even 12 bits Dolby Vision- encoded in h265 or V9 compression engines.

Rockchip RK3399 vs Amlogic S912If you’ve been following my earlier articles, surely you are acquainted with the Amlogic S912 chipset. It’s specs are probably the holy grail for media player tv boxes at the time of this writing.

On the other hand, the Rockchip RK3399 is about to enter the market as a capable alternative…

But just how capable is it ? We intend to find out by discussing their differences and salient points. A nice place to start our comparison may be their processing power …


Rockchip RK3399 highlights

The Rockchip RK3399 includes an hexacore processor in a Big.Little configuration. The concept behind the funny  “Big.Little” naming involves an asymmetry on their core processing technologies and speed: You will find a quad core A53 Arm processor, along a dual core A72 Arm processor inside the RK3399 chipset.

The dualcore A72 is particularly capable, efficiently churning data up to a speed of 2.0 Ghz. The end balance is that the rockchip RK3399 is a bit faster and versatile than the S912 chipset.

The Rockchip RK3399 includes a gigabit ethernet interface. This alone is a no-brainer win point for the RK3399, as you will only benefit from the speedier network access, particularly against a NAS containing your multimedia library, in glorouis 4K 10bit encoded format.

The RK3399 chipset includes USB 3.0 type C compatibility, marking a clear winning point against the USB 2.0 interface the Amlogic S912 chipset has.

On the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) the Rockchip chipset includes a MaLi T864 processor, while the S912 has a slower, less capable MaLi T830 processor.

What to expect from the Rockchip RK3399 based media players

It is a bit early for considering an RK3399 based media player, as first we should factor-in the software and firmware that will accompany the different offerings  arriving (in short) into the Android tv boxes market. We are eagerly waiting for the first Rockchip RK3399 media players to appear and be reviewed in order to make a more rounded up recommendation.

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