T95 Android TV Box

The T95 is a high quality Android TV Box, currently offered by several different chinese reselling companies.

T95 Media Player
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You may find it marketed as *whatever brand* T95 TV Box, but it is essentially the same hardware in all instances. Hence for our reviewing and ranting purposes, this is just the “T95” while there is no need to focus into any specific reselling brand.

As we unbox the T95 TV box, we are pleasantly surprised:  The device is cased in an all-metal enclosure, quite weighty and solid feeling at hand.

The T95 runs Android 5.1.1, not the newest Android in town, but certainly a nice improvement over the oldish Android 4.x Android TV boxes out there.

The Google Play Store app comes pre-installed: You just need to add your Google account and voilá, the whole app market opens up for your T95 media player.

The current T95  version also includes 2Gb of RAM (there was an earlier version with only 1Gb of RAM). It also includes 8Gb of flash RAM in order to store your downloaded apps.

Chipset wise, the T95 is powered by the Amlogic S905  and Mali 450 chipset, including a new ARM quad-core processor generation Cortex-A53 clocked at 2Ghz. This processor is running faster and cooler than earlier cortex A9 or A7 versions usually included inside earlier Android TV Boxes.

On the I/O side, you will find plenty of connectivity, including an RJ45 ethernet, microSD, micro USB OTG, HDMI and analog video input / outputs connectors. You will also find two standard USB connectors, which will accept memory sticks, keyboards, mouses, etc. essentially behaving just as a desktop computer USB.

T95 Media Player Box problems

Up to this point you may be positively impressed by this T95 Media Player box. But then, here comes the “chinese quality”, factored in, which makes us to lower our overall rate: 

For a start, there is a flimsy plastic WIFI antenna coming out of the metal case. This antenna is not detachable. Believe me, you may not want to mix WIFI and 4K video streamings as a winning path for flawless media playing. I use my T95 connected to an ethernet cable.

You turn the T95 Media Player on and a nice kind of retro led time display welcomes you ligthing up in the front of the device, which is definitely an addition that puts it above most of the rest TV Boxes out there.

The T95 display will automatically fetch the time from the net and update it, clearly indicating a connectivity and control path between the clock and the underlying Android OS.

But then you learn that it will only show current time and that’s it. There is no connection between -say- any internal media player software, be it Kodi or the simpler Android basic media player, and this display, in order to show the media time code, which would be the main if not only reason to put an lcd clock display on the front.

T95 media player interfaceYou plug it in for the first time and you are greeted with a nice 3D animation, as it boots up, quite fast. You get a nice simple front end interface with easy access to Kodi -obvious choice- and other apps like Dropbox -not obvious at all-.

Under the Apps section you will find Netflix and Youtube, among others, which will surely make you feel that you are pretty much covered in terms of media player needs: You run those apps for the first time, place your account settings and view  a couple of videos, while being progressively impressed with the T95 processing speed, certainly faster than -say- an Amazon’s FireTV box.

But then, after trying other apps included in the T95 -and probably deleting some, if not most of them- you return to either Netflix or Youtube … Only to find they won’t play any more videos!

After this bittersweet introduction, you may better understand my opening comment about chinese quality. As it happens, some of the mentioned caveats, can be fixed.

T95 Media Player firmware issues

The most offending problem on the T95 media player box is Netflix and Youtube not working after their first run. This is a very weird and serious bug, indeed, which is probably because of a badly messed up Android version.

I would say that T95 developers tried to somewhat customize the OS, eliminating some libraries and -what the thought would be- Android visual cumbersomeness (like the home, settings and back buttons bar).

Not to worry too much as now Netflix and Youtube are working just fine, starting with firmware LMY47V.20160516 … which at the time of this writing is NOT easy to get, but I hope it will become available.

In order to install a new firmware on your T95 you will either need an -oldish- PC computer running windows OS with a USB 2.0 adapter (yep, firmware update utility won’t work with USB 3.0), or as an alternative you will need a microSD card formatted in a certain way (with an included SD FORMAT utility) carrying the new firmware inside.

I am still searching for a solution about the LCD display clock showing actual media playing time. Once I get that working, I will post it in here. Of course, please of you got a solution for this, feel free to contribute by writing in our comments section.

All in all, the T95 media player review is a positive one, provided that you feel comfortable with the technicalities involved on firmware updating.

38 thoughts on “T95 Android TV Box

    1. Larry, NO OTA. I had to search a lot to find it. Sadly enough I don’t recall the website or forum where I found it. But since I published the ROM version string, maybe you can find it by doing some searching. I will try to search for it again, anyway: If I find it, I will post the link, sure.

    1. Hi Larry ! The remote is fine. It works even when not pointing directly into the box. For everyday use, I got my old FireTV bluetooth remote paired with the T95. Sadly enough, the original remote is still needed in order to turn the T95 ON and OFF (when off, it is not listening to bluetooth for waking up).

  1. I really don’t know how to do update.. Would you like to try it out and maybe this will solve some issues of the box? Thanks!

  2. I have a T95M and i cant backup my box through the usb drive… I am using Kodi Backup. UDISKO

    I have no problems backing up on MXIII SDA

    any ideas?

    1. If you open box. 4 screw holes under feet at bottom. There is a reset button on board behind headphone socket. If you reset box back to factory problem is fixed. Hope this helps.

      1. Hey Stephen, I know a very long time ago but do you have pictures of the box opened? Top and bottom would be awesome if you could link pics please. Cheers.

  3. My box was working fine now yesterday it allows me to see the show that I want to watch when I click on it it does the little working thing nothing not a thing I’ve done this on 8 shows no shows. I had to manually put the date and time in help

  4. Well every time I turn it on and try to watch a movie it freezes…. and the remote that comes with it doesnt work either.., I’ve factory reset it and it still doest the same thing

  5. I have the T95m working fine except time shows am instead of 19:36 it show 07:36 is there a solution to this time is set auto to and to british gmt

    1. I think it’s possible in the software change 12 hour to 24 and delete am/pm
      open with notepad and look for clock time

      12:00 to 24:00
      am/pm –/–

  6. I’m receiving the please you input code number error which has locked down my box and I can’t get past it or do anything with the box. It’s been like this for several days. Does anyone know how to fix this? Is there a code to use? Thanks

    1. Lara, in theory you should see a reset button on the back of the t95 box. you may press it with a straightened paperclip. You should feel the click. If you got the reset button, then first unplug your T95 from the power supply. Then you press (and keep pressed!!) the reset button, while reconnecting power. Keep the reset button pressed all the time until the T95 welcome screen animation ends and then YOU SHOULD SEE A RECOVERY MENU appear.

      In that recovery menu you should see a factory reset option. Use it, please.

    1. Mark, I would test the power supply. Or even the wall plug. Maybe it has just got a bit out of the wall and it is not making full contact, thus no power ?

  7. I have a “Time Warner Spectrum” Modem/Router and the device finds my Modem name but will not accept the Password. Any advice?

  8. Buenas noches espero me puedan ayudar, tengo una de estas y me pide un code number pero no tengo idea cual es, como lo podria conseguir

    1. Estephanie, cuando lo pide ? cuando lo enciendes ? Alguna persona te habrá puesto una clave de uso ? es como los teléfonos, el Android puede tener una clave al inicio. La única que te queda es resetearlo.

  9. Hola, intenté actualizar y me salió un error. Ahora me aparece un mensaje que dice please you input code number. Nunca he puesto un código de desbloquo. Tengo un T95 ya lo abrí y no viene reset button. Qué se puede hacer?

  10. It’s says you have been blocked and call your provider. But i Don’t know where to find my provider phone number. Please send my a message for help thank you

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