T95K Pro

The T95K Pro media player will certainly raise some eyebrows on almost any kind of room setup, due to it’s colorful design.

t95k-pro-amlogic-s912-tv-box-2gb-16gb-octa-core-android-6-0-hd-4k-1080p-3d-streaming-media-players-support-bluetooth-dual-band-wifi-2-4g-5gIt is currently being offered by several sellers on Amazon, as you can check by following this link.

At the time of this writing we found it priced at about 62 USD on Amazon store, which is *almost* the same price as offered on aliexpress and alibaba sellers, but with the speedy delivery and purchase warranty that Amazon is famous for.

Visually, the T95K Pro is reminiscent of the “Simon” game from the 80’s for some, a rubik’s cube for others, and yet, for the younger ones, it may remind them of the Google Chrome logo.

What can be said for sure is that the T95K Pro is no shy piece of hardware:

The case certainly tries to captivate or even demand a prominent place near your TV.

Well, in fact, it may prove to be a bit too colorful for the more seasoned user. I picture this media player inside a teenager’s play / bedroom!

What’s inside the T95K Pro media player ?

The T95K Pro is yet another Amlogic S912 chipset based Android TV box, so we can safely assume quite solid media streaming capabilities.

It also includes a digital led display, honoring the “T95” media players family.

As usual with most chinese media players, it is nearly impossible to track the real manufacturer behind the T95K Pro design.

So keep in mind that lack of real branding may be in detriment of firmware OTA updates.

Anyway, (I am not 100% sure) you could probably throw any T95K Pro firmware update out there at it, by just checking if it is issued for hardware including the same quantity of RAM / Storage as your T95K Pro version.

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