Would you buy a Chromecast Ultra ?

I know I wouldn’t buy one: Even if now the Chromecast Ultra supports 4K, HDR and is stated to be Dolby Vision compliant, I would keep away from it.

Google Chromecast UltraWhy ? may you ask … Well, for a start, it is grossly overpriced:

At the time of this writing, the Chromecast Ultra retail price is about USD 69, while you can purchase most of  4K HDR Android TV Boxes  for less money.

All the media players we’ve been reviewing and talking about on this website, while similar in size to the Chromecast Ultra, are far more capable and completely self contained, including nice user interfaces, google play store access, and most important:

They run the newest versions of Kodi media player !

Chromecast is a closed system

If all of the above is not enough for you, let me talk about proprietary protocols:

As I understand it, at first Chromecast worked around a non-signed, open protocol which meant that any developer could create apps for it.

Developers could not only create apps that sent video streams into a chromecast device, but they also could develop Chromecast server apps.

This meant that you could install a Chromecast server app in your Android TV box, like Cheapcast, which mimicked a Chromecast and allowed you to throw streaming content into your media player with ease.

But Google, about two years ago, added a pair of encryption keys into the dialog between chromecast enabled apps and their chromecast device, effectively closing that door.

Hence, apps like Cheapcast stopped working.

Google Chromecast Ultra plays inside a closed environment. Why would I support something like that ? What do you think about Chromecast Ultra ?

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