Xiaomi Mi 4K box, supporting HDR, is about to be launched in USA. But if you need one right now, you can purchase it on geekbuying store, by following this link.

xiaomi-mi-4k-tv-box-hdrDefinitely a tempting media player to own, as it comes from a known brand, which will probably mean nice firmware updates and a good user’s base to give it a long life.

The Xiaomi Mi 4K Box is priced at about 100 USD, which is not that bad, considering the quality promise that the Xiaomi brand carries, added to some hardware perks included on the package:

Xiaomi Mi 4K box highlights

The Xiaomi Mi 4K tv box runs on Android TV 6 operative system. This means that the whole experience, from the App launcher, down to each individual popular media player app version, are tailored for the big screen.

By using Android TV OS, theXiaomi Mi 4k box is ensuring that the apps available for installation will be compliant with the big screen.

It is true that App availability may be quite lower due to “TV BOX” concept constraints on the play store, but, after all, it is exactly what you are purchasing.

xiaomi-mi-4k-box-remote-control I for one, welcome the use of Android TV OS:  In my case, the Netflix App included on my -by now ageing- T95 OTT box (Amlogic S905 based media player) seems to be the smartphone version: it starts with a small welcome screen and the remote control buttons are not correctly mapped to each Netflix media play function. I would love to use the “media player” version of Netflix, instead!

Then we shall mention the Bluetooth remote control included with the Xiaomi Mi box:  Once you start using a bluetooth remote, you will never want to go back into an oldish IR (infrared) remote control.

Xiaomi Mi 4K Box drawbacks

The Xiaomi Mi 4k Box does not include an ethernet interface: You will need to rely on your WIFI connection in order to access your media content!

Given the sizes and stream demands that actual HDR 4K media content impose, departing from the classical media player by signing off an ethernet port, sounds like a lame decision.

On the processor side, the Xiaomi TV box seems a bit outdated: Given the Xiaomi specifications mentioned on their website include a quad core 2.0 Ghz Cortex A53 processor and a MaLi 450 graphics coprocessor, the Xiaomi MI 4K media player most probably hides an Amlogic S905X SOC solution inside.

The Xiaomi Mi Box specification also include 2Gb of RAM, which at this time sounds a bit on the low side, considering there are other media players out there, carrying 3gb of RAM at this time.

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