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Universal Media Player

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Disclaimer: Zappiti Video is not working anymore

R_video  is available for subscription

Free second-year subscription of R_video if a first-year annual subscription was paid by the customer.

Zappiti Reference combines all of the colour and crisp detail of true 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision and HDR10+ with stunning sound.

The Zappiti Reference is at the same time a high-end media player and a media server capable of streaming content to other Zappiti devices within your house through the exclusive Zappiti Share advanced streaming protocol.

The Zappiti Reference comes with a dual internal hard drive bay capable of hosting up to 40 TB of movies, TV shows and music files, and dual HDMI output. It includes a premium 32-bit DAC ESS ES9038Q2M, a massive toroidal transformer and offers an astonishing picture and sound quality to fit the requirements of the most demanding Home theatre users.

A universal media player

● Dual HDMI
● Zappiti Magic Pixel V3 and VS10 video processing combined to offer an outstanding picture quality – far better than the previous generations – with improved dynamics, accuracy colorimetry, increased contrast, solid deinterlacing and better upscaling (up to 4K resolution). Even on a Full HD 1080p TV or a front projector, you will be astounded by the image of your display! 3D also offers better image depth and an impressive, immersive effect.
● Dolby Vision and HDR10+
● HDR Conversion
● 10/12-Bit
● REC. 2020
● 4K 50/60p
● Real Cinema 24p
● Direct Output
● Widevine L1 DRM
● HiFi Power Supply: Massive toroidal power transformer, which delivers a clean and robust power source for cristal sharp picture, extreme depth of blacks, and noise-free audio output.
● Premium DAC ESS ES9038Q2M: Very high-performance, 32-bit, stereo audio D/A converter designed for audiophiles and delivers a THD+N of -120dB.
● XMOS Processor: Perfect digital audio processing with original sample rate preservation, ultra-low jitter and reclocking.
● 3D Video Support
● SMB Server
● Dual HDD Rack Option with Hot Swap Function for internal 3.5” SATA hard drives up to 40TB (2x 20TB).
● Ports USB 3.1 and Type-C
● HDMI Main (Deep Color, xvYCC, 12 bits, and CEC), HDMI Audio Only Output, HDMI Input, Analog HiFi Stereo RCA & Analog Balanced XLR Outputs, S/PDIF Coaxial and Optical Audio Outputs, Audio Analog (cinch) & CVBS Video Analog Output.
● Multichannel home cinema audio Bitstream up to 11.2.4, downmix stereo.
● Hi-Res Music Playback (DSD, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, WavPack, APE, AC3, etc.)
● Resume playback.
● Backlit Remote Control.
● Bluetooth 5.0.
● Computer Mouse and keyboard compatibility.
● Complete File Management System (copy, cut, paste, delete, rename).
● Hi-Fi Coaxial Output.
● Chipset: Realtek RTD1619DR.
● CPU: ARM Cortex-A55 (Hexa-core). +77% faster than the 4-core ARM A53 used in the previous generation media players.
● GPU: ARM Mali-G51 MP3. +50% faster than the Mali T-820 used in the previous generation media players.
● Operating System: Linux + Android 9.
● DSP: Video and Audio DSP with hardware acceleration. Native hardware 10-bit YUV support. Hardware performance optimizations for Zappiti UI.
● Cache: 1 MB L2.
● RAM: 4 GB. 2x more than in the previous generation media players.
● ROM: 32 GB NAN eMMC. 2x more than in the previous generation media players.
● OLED Screen: Thanks to the large matrix OLED display located on the front panel, the Zappiti is able to display the current time, playback position, and song currently playing and supports navigation through the menus even when the TV is turned off.


● High-Quality Backlite IR Remote Control
● IR Extender
● Wi-Fi Antennas x2
● Bluetooth Antenna
● Power Cable


16.92in × 4.33in × 13.5in (W × H × D) (43.0cm × 11cm × 34.3cm)


HDD is not included!  Some HDDs dedicated to specific applications are not compatible or do not work well with media players.
List of recommended HDDs at

Warranty: 1 years

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